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Drunk and impaired driving remains a major public safety concern.
To reduce the incidence of drunk driving, courts, government agencies and lawmakers need to work together to implement effective DUI programs that leverage technology.
GPS alcohol monitoring has been demonstrated to be an effective tool for holding clients accountable for their sobriety, providing insight into their alcohol consumption
patterns and preventing recidivism by deterring them from drinking in the first place. GPS alcohol monitoring  can help manage all aspects of DUI programs as well as address the underlying cause of drunk driving: alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction.

Treatment Courts are devoted to reversing the habits of individuals in order to minimize rates of recidivism across the US.
GPS alcohol monitoring solutions can be used as a tool by these courts to enforce new behaviors and monitor compliance. It offers an effective yet unobtrusive way for courts to
ensure that those participating in treatment court programs remain compliant with the program’s terms.
PS alcohol monitoring solutions provide a way to monitor progress while still allowing the individual to maintain their privacy and independence.

High-risk alcohol offenders, such as hardcore and repeat offenders, are responsible for the most serious alcohol-related offences.
To keep these individuals in check, intensive supervision and long-term GPS alcohol monitoring solutions are necessary.

Jurisdictions nationwide are increasingly recognizing the need for community supervision as an alternative to imprisonment, leading to improved outcomes, reduced recidivism and cost savings.
To achieve this goal, electronic monitoring technologies can be used to increase accountability of those under community correction orders.
GPS location monitoring devices provide the structure needed for departments to manage their varied caseloads, streamlining case management and providing flexible options based on risk assessment to ensure community safety.

Our solutions are effective in helping to ensure court-ordered sobriety, adherence to curfew regulations, and staying within specified locations during the pretrial period.
Improve Community Safety with Electronic Monitoring can provide an invaluable tool for clients to comply with their conditions.

Electronic monitoring with Probation.GPS has been proven to be an effective, cost-efficient tool for strengthening the safety of our communities.
It assists in enforcing accountability amongst probationers and helps protect public safety. This solution can also help improve outcomes compared to alternative methods

Parolees often face an increased risk of recidivating if they are not properly monitored.
Electronic monitoring, such as home confinement, GPS tracking, and continuous alcohol testing can be employed to ensure accountability while helping with rehabilitation and providing additional security for the public.
Improve Community Safety with Electronic Monitoring is a goal that can be achieved through these strategies.

High-risk offenders can often prove difficult to contain, with frequent interactions with law enforcement and a disregard for the consequences of their actions.
GPS location monitoring devices provide the ability to closely monitor these individuals and create more effective supervision plans that both encourage compliance and promote positive outcomes.
With cutting-edge electronic monitoring solutions complete with analytical data and reporting capabilities, recidivism rates can be reduced, thus improving public safety.

GPS monitoring of high-risk, repeat alcohol offenders has been proven to be the most effective method in providing long-term behavior change.
This is a critical step towards reducing recidivism and promoting sobriety.
GPS tracking provides an added layer of accountability and supervision for those who have demonstrated a pattern of substance abuse, helping to ensure that they remain of the right track.
GPS monitoring is a crucial tool for reducing the likelihood of further alcohol-related offenses.

Domestic violence offenses demand a particular attention to detail, as the safety of victims and the community must be balanced with adequate supervision.
GPS monitoring offers an effective tool for ensuring compliance with protective orders, treatment for substance abuse, and physical distance from the victim.
This technology can be leveraged to help manage high-risk offenders in GPS monitoring programs.

Monitoring sex offenders is an important part of ensuring the safety of victims. GPS monitoring solutions provide officers with a convenient way to monitor their clients, helping to ensure the security and well-being of those affected.
GPS technology is often utilized in the supervision of high-risk offender populations, providing a comprehensive system for tracking movements and activities.
GPS monitoring gives officers the tools they need to effectively and accurately monitor those under their supervision.
GPS solutions offer an additional layer of security, giving victims assurance that those who may have harmed them are being properly monitored.
GPS monitoring technologies provide an effective way to keep track of high-risk offenders, supporting safety and peace of mind for all parties involved.

About Us

Northeast Electronic Monitoring Solutions offers GPS Electronic Monitoring services to a variety of public and private entities throughout Connecticut.

– GPS Electronic Monitoring services for Pre-Trial Officers to monitor Defendants during the Pre-Trial phase of their case

– GPS Electronic Monitoring services for Bail Agencies to monitor Defendants as a condition of bond release

– GPS Electronic Monitoring services for Courts offering reporting and compliance notifications

– GPS Electronic Monitoring services for Probation offering home detention and/or alcohol monitoring, even if the probationer is out of the County/State.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS Tracking is an advanced technology that uses satellite positioning to accurately pinpoint the location of a person or vehicle in real-time.
This type of tracking has many practical applications, including using it to track family members and commercial vehicles.
In Connecticut, GPS tracking is primarily used by law enforcement for crime investigations and suspect surveillance.
With GPS Tracking, law enforcement officials have an effective way to monitor activity and gather evidence.

Connecticut’s GPS Tracking Regulations?

In Connecticut, GPS tracking regulations are complex and can be difficult to understand.
It is important to familiarise yourself with the laws in order to make sure you don’t accidentally break them.
Under Connecticut law, any person or organisation using GPS technology to track individuals must obtain their consent first.
This requirement applies both to those using it for personal reasons, as well as businesses or other commercial purposes.
Failing to do so could result in some legal consequences. However, certain investigative and law enforcement agencies are not required to comply unless necessary.

– Connecticut’s GPS tracking regulations serve a wide range of individuals including:

– State Probation and Parole.

– Sheriff/Police Pre-Trial and Probation Departments.

– Federal, State, and Local Courts.

– Alternative to Incarceration Programs.

– Juvenile Corrections


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